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Yes, that’s where I live: virus breeding central. When you have five children, and one or more of them are in public school, someone will eventually come home with a cold that they transmit to everyone else. I have five children, two of which leave our home four days a week to go to school. Kirsten, the freshman, came home with a cold. Just a small cold that lasted about 24 hours. She had a bit of a sore throat. That was it. Then, my 2yo daughter Amelie caught it. She had a runny nose and a bit of a fever for one day. The runny nose has lingered a bit longer. I think Amelie must have a super power. It’s the illness replication and manipulation gene. You see, I got this cold next and you know what…I got it MUCH MUCH WORSE than either of these two girls.

First, a sore throat.

Next, a stuffy nose.

Then a cough.

And a fever…with chills. I was so cold that my skin burned when anything touched it. Literally. Now that just isn’t right!

Now, hubby’s got it and my teen son is coming down with it. Then, little miss Freshman feinted yesterday. I thought she was faking to get out of doing the dishes! She fell down in the dining room and I was in the living room saying “Oh, come ON Kirsten! Get up, I know you didn’t just pass out!”. Um, she did pass out…and was so pale, her lips were white. I felt terrible! I made that girl drink a TON of water after that, and some emergen-C. That is, until it all came back up. Yep, now we’ve got nausea to add to the mix. Oh this is going to be a fun week!

I was really hoping that baby River would escape it all, but alas…in the middle of last night she woke with a stuffy nose. She was fussy for awhile, but able to nurse back to sleep (thankfully). Moyra (4yo) is the only one to skip it so far.River hasn’t really been sleeping through the night anymore, so I’m still dealing with quite a bit of mommy sleep deprivation on top of this illness. If I weren’t nursing, I’d drown myself in NyQuil and sleep for a week!

On another note, it was my dad’s 64th birthday yesterday.

I love you, dad! I hope we don’t get you sick.


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